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Strength of the Shoei electrical industry

Strength of the Shoei denko industry

The results of the relief and reliable quality

We let man machine power make the best matching, and we make automotive reed wire, small switch solemnly.
It is an unrewarded drudge company supporting an automotive industry from founding of 1970 behind the scenes.
We are good at waterproofing, dust proofing processing by potting, the low pressure sealing molding. In addition, we can offer the solution that can affect the request of the customer by the cooperation with the Matsuda Denki Kogyo place which is group companies.

The technology that we cultivated by the results and practice

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Purpose of the potting resining

We improve a trance, a coil, a condenser, the electrical insulation, fixation, protection, waterproofing of the electronic parts such as IC boards, a dust proofing function by infusion rigidifying potting resin. For a potting agent, we use urethane resin, epoxy resin, silicone resin to a use.

seal-mold low pressure

We seal-mold it by low pressure for the purpose of waterproofing, dust proofing. Because it is low pressure, there is little damage to electronic parts and realizes large shortening of the processing time, low cost, a short deadline.
With low-pressure, seal-molding it new processing technique
・Heat-resistant impulsiveness: A characteristic at the wide temperature of (melting point) is good more than -50 degrees Celsius - 100 degrees Celsius
・Cold resistance: We can be distorted at -50 degrees Celsius repeatedly
・Water resistance: Hydrolytic excellence-resistant
・taishitsudenki*sei: Low absorption factor, good insulation characteristics
・-resistant; a medicine-related: Gasoline-related solvent-related oiliness, alkalinity-resistant-resistant-resistant-resistant is good
・Molding workability: We can mold it in extensive pressure, a temperature range

Wire harness

Class wire harness processing
A main product. The certain results of 45 years. It is produced 4 million monthly productions in wire harness.
We meet needs ranging from an imposition to processing.
Wire harness cutting pressure bonding processing


We realize low cost with the assembly by various own motives.

Resin mold

We meet various needs by single color, two colors of injection molding.