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We can control stress to stored rice in in what inject resin by low pressure.
We cope with 1 liquid, 2 liquid mixture of the urethane epoxy silicon. Equipped with forced dryer.

Wire harness connection

The painting, laser material processing

We paint a cast and burn off a letter and a mark with a laser.

Resistance welding

denryu*chaku does the foot part of the lead product and a metal base material.


We are doing lead freelance-response facilities perfection.

Injection molding

Unicolor molding
We cope widely from general-purpose plastic such as the ABS to empura such as PBT.
Two colors of molding
We are used for a letter, the mark formation for the lighting transmission.
Insert molding
We do it "insert", and every press product molds a press product as a molding die.

Collective strength of one-stop service MATSUDA GROUP

We make use of scale merit of the Matsuda Electric who is Shoei denko industry and a group and have the facilities environment that can meet every hope of the customer.
I meet the needs of the customer by one-stop service.

Design / development

Die, chikogu*kei / manufacture
Product design / plan / development
We design it using CATIA V5, Topsolid.

Measurement / examination

PAD print

We display a letter and a mark to a cast.


Press working

We process the copper sheet of t0 around .2-0.8.