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Company profile

Thought of the Shoei electrical industry

Unique production is the duty

It became difficult to run manufacturing industry in Japan where working population decreased.
Most of factories of the labor-intensive type change it to offshore production like us.
How is the production of harness Switch which we live by,
It is the similar situation as story always goes.
But the vitality of Japan continues falling when I fold my arms and entrust going.

We always think about what to do to continue doing production activity in Japan.
Using the own motive and robot well,
Making production well that I no longer need constant care when I cannot but depend on hands,
Therefore, with a material, I review a design with facilities in a method of construction fundamentally
To be full of rational production.

It causes innovation, and it is our duty that brings about a unique production method unlike other companies.
Defeating the present labor collection form, and building a solid supply chain besides of course,
If if there is a demand, even the technique that has not lived on an adjacent new business yet challenges it daringly and is reliable for a customer
It allows you to provide convenience sao more more and yet more.

Company policy

"New, today and new, everyday"
It ticks it away and is informed by a tub (tub) that a king Yu of ancient China, Yin washes a face these words when We did it with daily self-discipline.
The time called 24 hours a day is given equally on anyone's top.
We continue having a feeling to challenge everything forward carefully on each day.


" Mainichi does SHIN-KA "
-We build the future when power to think about deeply, power to convey are connected-

Management philosophy

We Shoei Denko, will continue to grow  by creating the core value, the new value and the warm-hearted value through products and services that would contribute to safety and comfort of the employees, the local community and the society.

Action guideline

The observance of laws and ordinances and the social norm
As a social member, I act for own conscience with common sense,
I never permit violation of illegal act and rule and give a good example to the society
Approach to an environmental problem
Because I do not leave a negative environmental inheritance for the next generation, I wrestle in it being possible surely now
Contribution to the community
I contribute to local activation through a company activity and aim at developing together
Practice, challenge, creation
I think through practice deeply and challenge it daringly and aim at the creation of the new value
Quick action
It is big value at time and is aware that I can never regain the loss,
I try to also take a flexible action with speed quickly
・I value teamwork and share a problem with every idea
・Each one takes responsibility and helps each other and I unite and aim at the accomplishment

Company profile

Company name
Shoei denko industry
The location
〒441-1634 Nagashino, Shinshiro-shi, Aichi character wide aspect 11-5
President Yoshihisa Matsuda
March, 1970 (1970)
74.62 million yen
Sales amount
3.8 billion yen
The number of employees
210 (70 men, woman 140)
Business outline
Production of car-related parts
●Harness section
・Harness parts imposition of wiper/air-conditioner motor
・Harness parts imposition of the electric compressor
・Pressure-sensitive sensor harness/heater harness parts imposition
・Imposition of harness Assy for the electrical signal of the gasoline supply
●Switch section
・Imposition of the push Switch for the car
・Molding of resin parts of the push Switch for the car
Main business partners
DENSO Corporation
Matsuda Electric industry place (TOKAI RIKA Co., Ltd.)
Kyoto three electric equipment
DENSO Corporation electronics
Hitachi Metals Ltd.
Mizusho (Aisin)
Elematec Corporation (TOYOTA INDUSTRIES Corporation NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd.)
Main business financial institutions
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Aichi Bank
Main facilities summaries
All automatic pressure bonding machine: 17
The automatic terminal pressure bonding insertion machine: Two
A single-fire pressure bonding machine: 65
A connector automatic imposition machine: Two
An automatic measurement mixture discharge device (Potting device): Five
Automatic continuation dry kiln: One
A vacuum constant temperature tank to degas: Two
A box type constant temperature tank: Two
A laser marker: Two
A Switch automatic assembling machine: Four
A robot with solder: Three
Solder fujidoki: Two
A Switch knob automatic imposition machine: One
A synthetic resin injection molding machine: Four
Two colors of synthetic resin injection molding machine: Seven
An injection molding machine for the low-pressure sealing: One
A spot welder: Nine
3D printer: One
Harness drafting, a design is soft: Two

History, history

1970 (Showa 45)
A company establishes Chiyoda, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, a factory as Horaichou, Minamishitara-gun, Aichi (existing Shinshiro-shi) Norimoto in the head office
1972 (Showa 47)
I increase the capital to 35 million yen with capital
1976 (Showa 51)
Move new in a factory for Horaichou, Minamishitara-gun, Aichi (existing Shinshiro-shi) long Shino
1988 (Showa 63)
I enlarge a factory
1993 (Heisei 05)
I build a molding factory, and the production of the synthetic resin injection molding product starts
2000 (Heisei 12)
I increase the capital to 74.62 million yen with capital
2003 (Heisei 15)
It is 2000 certification acquisition ISO9001
2004 (Heisei 16)
I enlarge a molding factory
2006 (Heisei 18)
It is 2004 certification acquisition ISO14001
2012 (Heisei 24)
I establish a Thai factory (MDT) by a Matsuda Electric industry place and co-funding in Rayong, Thailand
2013 (Heisei 25)
The factory (MDT) operation start in Thailand
2017 (Heisei 29)
㈱I win quality improvement accessit from Denso
2020 (Raiwa 02)
I win a prize for achievements contribution from Hitachi Metals
2020 (Raiwa 02)
Shinshiro-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare confers a letter of thanks of the 50th anniversary of the incorporation
2021 (Raiwa 03)
I enlarge a harness factory

Traffic access

Access method
●In the case of public transport
From JR Iida Line Toyohashi Station to Nagashinojo Station from 60 minutes Nagashinojo Station a 15-minute walk
●In the case of a car
Shintomei expressway Shinshiro interchange exit right turn, Kontaku-Nagashino signal left turn
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