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Consultation, request of the processing

Consultation, request of the processing

The person of the dispatch heard even a telephone

General reference
TEL 0536-32-0561
FAX: 0536-32-1880
A sales representative: Hoshino/*en
Business hours: 8:00-17:00 (from Monday to Friday)
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●Instructions about the request ※Please confirm it by all means.
1. About a general individual and the request matter from the foreign countries, please note that you cannot cope.
   In addition, about the following order, please note that you cannot cope.
2. Parts one piece of article, overseas shipment product, copy product of the product flowing now
3. In the case of use use ignorance, please note that you may not sell it by parts maker agreement.
4. When order amounts of money exceed 200,000 yen, I ask for a business condition investigation beforehand from us.
5. You may be expected to pay it beforehand.
6. I should accept an order formally when I confirmed the receipt of money in the case of the above.
7. I ask for the payment method by account transfer or C.O.D.
8. About the transfer fee, I ask for the burden on customer.
9. When I accept cancellation after the receipt (official deadline notice) notice from us, I charge a total amount cancellation fee.