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To work by Shoei electrical industry

What is made by Shoei electrical industry?

Work to make a part of the car which is essential to life

We are manufacturers of the Motor parts.

When we live, I cannot miss the existence called the car. I use it as a means of transportation even if I do not have a car by oneself and receive benefits such as the delivery of the baggage. It becomes the form called the car, and it is felt that I think that I support society for worth doing own product engaged in afterwards.

A younger staff member can play an active part!

The Shoei electrical industry is going to be reborn newly now in the world changing busily, too. Meanwhile, the existence of the younger staff member is essential! That, let alone training system and qualification assistance, a younger staff member is chosen as a big project to develop the company; as for the thing!

As well as own growth, I may be changed by own power!

Abundant employee event

Our company valuing the communication by the event carries out each event in each season. I carry out a one-day bus trip named the walking in spring, autumn. In the past, I took a walk through Kyoto or Yokohama.

I hold a new annual convention in winter. In addition, that may be actually carried out as an event in the company when there is the event called the employee plan, and an employee plans an event, and permission is granted by the company.

A place valuing in not only the work but also time for refreshment is our charm. ※I am stopping by coronavirus

Person image to find

●Person with "the aggressiveness" that I think by oneself and can carry out

Japan of these days has various problems including reduction of the economy and the drop of the international competitiveness. I demand a person with the aggressiveness that not only I accomplish given work, but also think by oneself and can carry out.

●The person who can accomplish duties with "flexibility"

A person and a person work together, and the society cooperates, and they stand. I demand the flexible person who can work in deference to the opinion of the person who varied in the interpretation for sense of values and directionality, a fact and things by acceptance, a team.

The adoption results

The adoption number of people
2021: Four (man 4)
2020: Six (man 3: woman 3)
2019: One (man 1)
The number of employees
220 (70 men, woman 150) 
Mean length of service
Ten years (the 2020 results)
Of the paid vacation
The mean acquisition days
14th (the 2020 results)