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Production engineering / Takahide Nakane

Regardless of a department and a post, I think that the place where an atmosphere is warm is attractive.
Entering a company: 2015 / position: Production engineering G
It is the workplace which the atmosphere of all the staff is full of vigor as for the Shoei electrical industry warmly, and is easy to work very much. I play catch with a senior for a break and am common in opportunities to go to rice together regardless of a department and age on a holiday.
Q.Please tell me the contents of the work
Work of the production engineering is the work that the preparations for setup of the new product and a design of the product line are important. I am thinking about a method to produce products of good quality without waste every day.
Q.What are a reason and the motive that I chose this work as?
Even if a point, various parts of the car were moved and disappeared, I thought that the cord in the car did not disappear and chose this work from now on. In addition, after wanting to find a job in local Shinshiro-shi, I was interested in Shoei electrical industry with the popularity in the city and decided employment.
Q.Are there a thing provided through work or the memorable episode, memory?
It is time in charge of the new line for the first time. In the situation that line maintenance did not end in until it was the day before line setting, I had the cooperation of the senior and was able to get it ready somehow. I might say for the first time, and there were problems and the failure, but still the line where oneself elaborated a plan felt the sense of accomplishment that it was actually in a form, and what I was able to accomplish till the last was connected in confidence.
Q.Please tell me how to spend holidays
I often spend it making netsurf and a plastic model in a house slowly. I forget daily work, and it is important time as I can be refreshed.
●To a person thinking about application a message!
I may feel that it seems to be difficult when I know the work contents of the production engineering, but a senior and the boss respond well to be able to become you to an adult. I can cultivate various technical knowledge while I work. I wait for the person whom I can sympathize with for work, joy to grow up with us.