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Injection molding

With the injection molding

With the injection molding

The injection molding is one of the molding using the die.
After heating the materials such as synthetic resins (plastic), and dissolving it, and having sent you into a die, materials harden by cooling a die and are a process to make a cast.
Flow of the processing
I dissolve materials → Drain → Harden → Take out → Finish
It can produce the things of various forms in large quantities quickly consecutively.

The injection molding that Shoei electrician can process

Processable size
Smallest: 5cm *5cm
Greatest: 25cm *25cm
Processable molding
Unicolor molding
Two colors of molding
Insert molding (in the subcontractor I can cope)
Possession facilities
Unicolor molding machine (100t)
Two colors of molding machine (100t)
Unicolor molding
I cope widely from general-purpose plastic such as the ABS to empura such as PBT.
Two colors of molding
It is used for a letter, the mark formation for the lighting transmission.
Insert molding
I do it "insert", and every press product molds a press product as a molding die.

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